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WeeeDrive - the world's first Driving Training Bot   

Weeedrive Driving Training Bot - The future way to make young drivers skillful and safe in a short time.

WeeeDrive bot is a mobile app using behavioral science to influence the way young people drive. WeeeDrive creates customized driving courses for each driver according to one’s personal capabilities and instructs them in real-time on every ride.

The Bot you will see in every vehicle!

WeeeDrive is the way to make car owners get the most out of their driving experience.


Insurance companies

The Bot that will change the economics of young drivers’ insurance segment


New opportunities for insurers:​

Add value

to your customers

on every ride​

Reduce the risk

of young drivers’ segment and increase your revenues​

Know the new young driver before she gets her driver's license




The Team

WeeeDrive Bot was designed by an innovative team of Israel's leading experts

Shlomo Gilead - our strategy leader is the former chief strategist of Israel Discount Bank and Visa's CSO, with a background of innovation career in the IDF.

Remi Samuel - our driving training expert is the former France Rally champion. Remi has transformed race drive methods into defensive driving, and for 24 years he and his team are training drivers and reducing accidents.

Ephraim Goldin - our machine learning expert, the owner of Israel's largest data science firm.

The Bot parents are looking for!

WeeeDrive will create an advanced driving course, customized to your teenager's needs and will help you make your kid a skilled driver.

With WeeeDrive, not only you do the most to guaranty your kids' safety, but you will also save a lot of money on insurance by making him skill and safe in a short time.


The Bot new drivers are looking for!

Learn how to enjoy your driving. Become a skilled drive using your smartphone

as your personal trainer -  the way millennials prefer to learn.


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